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Wig Fitting

Hair loss can be short term or long term, it can affect men, women and children and it can be caused by many conditions.

Whatever the cause it is extremely distressing for the sufferer. The impact of losing you hair can take away your confidence at a time when you are probably feeling at your lowest, especially if you are having Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or Hormone treatment. Alopecia and natural thinning of hair can make people feel vulnerable resulting in low self-esteem.

The buying of a wig can also be stressful because many wigs look too 'wiggy'! This is where I can help you.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Caroline Allen. I have 40 years experience in all aspects of hairdressing and over the last few years have styled wigs for my clients, mainly they were having Chemo. When a very close friend discovered she had breast cancer it really hit home and I decided to train with the charity My New Hair. Because of my training with them I can now offer a bespoke and confidential wig buying, fitting and styling service. Therefore I can transform wiggy into Your New Hair!

A comprehensive range of products are available through Moo Hair to help prolong the life of your wig and advice on how to care for wigs is given at the time of styling. I can also source head wear such as turbans and scarves for when you want a rest from wearing your wig.

Once your hair begins to grow back I can advise on care and offer a range of products to help promote strong healthy hair growth.

All appointments are conducted in my private room within the salon which makes people feel less vulnerable. The initial consultation is free of charge. If you wish to purchase any wigs they are usually here within 2 - 3 days.

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